Conclusion: I recommend EVERYONE to take a three month break and go travelling. The important thing is not where you go although travelling through China and India, two of the oldest cultures in the world having beautiful Nepal in between make things easier

Travelling for a bit of time makes you think, reflect and travel a bit in your mind .. some might even call it soul searching. you become more connected to what is going on in the brain when you are not preoccupied with work 9 hours per day. You start to remember things and in the ashram (where we had special clensing food) the dreams were also very vivid and strange 🙂

I will not go into details about any conclusions but it was indeed an interesting experiance. When you are on the road you also meet people who has been travelling for a looong time (years) .. some go by on money from home, some work as fruit pickers, some arrange swingers club meetings irregularly .. the ways of making the travel dough seems to be as many as the travellers out there. It makes you realise that office 9-5 is not the only way to go by .. (don’t worry I kind of like a desk 🙂

Another reflection I have made is that you get into some sort of a routine .. I am not comparing it to the job routine but you achieve things daily, eat breakfast, go finding places, sometimes checking things online and exchanging money etc.

So what about highlights?? Well .. Xining in China is wonderful! the food in Urumqi is amazing. Trekking in Nepal is always a highlight and in India I must say the Ashram stay in Rishikesh was really cool, plus the golden temple in Amritsar, taj mahal of course and also Khajuraho. In the south Hampi was a truwe favourite with its temples, ruins and interesting stone formations.

anyway .. time to go back to Shanghai

Miss you all