We are now having a very peaceful week in Dharamsala .. We are actually in the tiny village Dharamkot which is set about 500 vertical meters above Dharamsala and surrounded by mountains. We are approximately 2000 meters above sealevel and the peace and quietness here is amazing! It is also a popular place for eagles and hawks and we daily see dozens of them circling in the upwinds

In order to by food and entertain ourselves we walk 3 Km one way to McLeod Ganj which is a hippie hangout/Tibetan refugee camp (creates an interesting mix!) We usually get some bread, fruit and curd there plus some occassional shopping and yesterday we watched “Dark Night” (Batman! mom) in a homemade cinema .. we were the only ones there and could pretty much choose what movie we wanted to watch.

Today we walked from here down to Dharamsala, passed the Tibetan administration centre and visited their small but nice museum (they had a nicely done Mandala (temporary art made of sand))

Tomorrow we are hiking up the mountains for a proper 360 view of them and on saturday we are heading to Mumbai for a week there.

All the best