Last couple of days has been BUSY! We have done 4 cities in the same amount of days and with a daily 6 hour bus ride it does take its toll!

We reluctantly left the Ashram on Wednesday and took the bus to Dehra dun (basically just to make the trip to Chandigarh shorter 🙂 and there we visited a nice Tibetan enclave with a huge stupa and some interesting paintings inside.

The next day we departed to Chandigarh to see the Nek Chand Rock garden .. an amazing place built up by industrial waste by this legend Nek Chand. He started in the early 60s and when it was discovered in 1973 he had already made 10000s of statues and sculptures. It is a true joy to walk around exploring the place with sculptures around every corner.

After Chandigar we head to Amritsar by bus and more shaken and stirred than needed we landed in Amritsar by mid day. The main attraction there is the golden temple which turned out to be a true highlight .. its a small temple covered in gold and surrounded by a yard of marblish houses. What makes this place special though is the atmosphere, everyone is very welcoming .. you can stay and eat for free and it creates a very very friendly feeling. The golden temple is the holiset place for the Sihks and there are loads of big, bearded men in turbans. We spent a few hours here until sunset basically and then visited the Sikh museum .. a painted display on the grim Sikh history.

WE left Amritsar the next day and took trains and buses to finally reach McLeod Ganj (Dalai Lamas residence) and after some looking we found a very nice room with nice views over the valley .. the town is 1800 meter above sea level so it gets a bit chilly at night.

We weighed ourselves this week. Lai has pretty much maintained her weight but I have lost 8 Kilos! I am now 80 Kg flat … hmmm! I am not feeling bad or anything though, just have a slightly skinny look in the mirror nowadays 🙂 I guess eating vegetables only and walking a lot, sometimes with 25+ Kg on your back is an efficient way of loosing some weight

We will stay here for a week and then head down to Mumbai next weekend for some Bollywood treats

All the best