Yoga 2

Perhaps I was a littlebit harsh on the other people in my last blog .. most of them are ok although there are an element of new age present that I still sometimes find hard to cope with .. oh well!

The Ashram itself grows on you though, it is nice to get into that early morning routine with yoga, meditation and then breakfast. It is also really nice to be in a very clean, quiet environment where you don’t have to think about what to have for dinner or lunch.

Rishikesh itself is pretty nice .. people don’t bother you too much and the setting is nice along the Ganges river. Yesterday I made a half day river rafting trip and although the rapids were not huge (3-4 of them were alright) the experience was nice, we swam (in Ganges), jumped from cliffs and tackled a few rapids on our 26 K journey .. highly recommendable although slightly cold.

On tuesday we are making a move from here, it is one day delayed due to Diwali (on tuesday) whish makes monday into a huge travelling day. On Tuesday we are taking the bus to Dehra Dun and then further to Chandigarh and Amristar.

Keep breathing .. OMMMMMMM

/Mats & Lai