We landed in Rishikesh a few days ago and got the last room in the Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram. We are paying about 90 RMB per day and person for meals, yoga and room. It is super clean and have a nice garden and an ok view although the mountains are more hills oin this side of the himalaya.

The routine is this:
05.30: Wake up
06.00 Yoga (2 hours)
08.00 Breakfast
12.00 Lunch
16.00 Yoga (2 hours)
18.00 Dinner
21.30 Light out

This week though the yoga at 4 pm is cancelled because the Yogi is occupied with a Yoga teacher class. The class is basically a loud bunch of women and one Irish guy .. the main nationalities are canadiens and Japanese.

At first we were a bit put off by the yoga teacher group since they were pretty loud and they sucked at Yoga (they still do) and I am about average in the group and I am stiff as a stick after 40 days of backpacking. The second thing was the food which is basically rice, Dal (cooked beans) and some other cooked vegetables plus Chapatis (bread) for every lunch and dinner.

Oh well the Yoga is good and the Yogi is so far the best Yoga teacher I have come across and we have actually gotten used to the food and although its not really a culinary experience to consume it, its actually gives you a good feeling afterwards. Lai also managed to impress the teacher during the first class and will have some private lessons tomorrow and on monday. I am prefectly fine with one Yoga class a day 🙂

On some evenings there are additional sessions to enhance the interpersonal development (we are in an ashram after all) and last night we basically chanted (said OM) for 20 minutes and then did some meditation. This sounds like a lot of bollocks (and it mainly is) but its quite nice to just sit quiet and meditate and the OMing actually sounds really cool when 40 people does it at the same time … no worries though we are staying at our wits ends over here

Tomorrow I have signed up for some riverrafting (Rishikesh being next to the himalayas and the Ganges offer quite easily accessible RR at a low cost 🙂 and it will be nice to do a bit of outside the Ashram activity for a while

On Monday we will head further west