After all the erotic exposure in Khajuraho we went by bus to Orchha (an ancient capital with castles and everything) .. we only spent 2 hours here though on our way to catch the train to Agra which in retrospect was way too short. The place is amazing even at mid day and you are free (after paying the entrance fee) to roam around the palaces as you wish 🙂

In the afternoon we got on the train to Agra .. we got AC seaters which meant you basically got the whole cabin for yourself (you share it with a few foreigners and one or two rich looking indians in turbans 🙂 .. the tickets are less than 10 USD each for a 3 hour ride so its well worth it and you get your own waiting room.

We arrived around 7pm thursday night to Agra and took a rickshaw to the Taj area and booked ourselves into one of those shabby backpacker places next to the monument .. We then discovered that Taj is closed on fridays .. hmmmmm .. we then decided to go to Farsikpuhr sikri on riday instead.

FS turned out to be a nice visit, built by the Akbahr the great in the 16th century it was only usd for 15 years before abandoned due to watershortage .. its a really cool ghost town although densly populated with really annoying kids who insist on being the best tourguide in town 🙂

india and stomachs .. (knock on wood) our stomachs has so far been good, really good in fact, we are careful though and wash our hands often and eat only freshly made food. A thing we realised is that we are spending way less than expected .. we happily get by on 100 RMB (about 100 SEK) per day and person and this is good since we do plan an extravagant grand finale of our trip at the Andeman islands (far east in the indian ocean)

This morning we woke up dreadfully early to finally visis the Taj Mahal, we got to the east gate before 6am and lets just say we were not the only ones with the same idea today .. after quing for more than an hour (on an empty stomach) we finally stood infront of it. It is impressive and truly amazing .. hard to describe really and also very hard to capture it with a camera. The proportions, the artwork the garden surrounding it .. just perfect!

Oh well .. now we are back in the real world again and will chill as much as possible today before getting on the 8.30pm train to Delhi tonight. We expect a very short stay there and then Rishikesh here we come .. I can’t wait to do a bit of exercise although its not going to be basketball but Yoga 😀