We spent 4 days in Varanasi, after Gorakphur it did not feel THAT dirty although you constantly have to look out for cow sh-t on the streets (and other stuff as well for that matter)

Varanasi is intense though, beautiful .. lots of interesting people and a fantastic river (Ganges) running straight through it with a lot happening around it. They say that the water contains a few thousand times the recommended dose of cholera bacterias per unit but that does not stop people from doing everything in it … brr! When we did our sunrise boat ride along the shore we saw a guy detaching something from his boat .. when we came closer we realised it was a human body.

After Varanasi we travelled to Bharukaro, about a days travel south west from Varanasi .. it is famous for its tempel from 1000 A.D with lots of very well preserved erotic sculptures. The art work is amazing and all figures are displaying some sort of emotion or movement .. it is a true joy to walk around and explore among the temples

In Bharukaro we have finally found a really nice indian restaurant with amazing food (very local) and actually pretty clean for being made outside. His peretas and Koftas are incredible

Tomorrow we are heading from here to Agra to visit Taj Mahal, one of the big ones here in India. We are starting to look forward to spending some time in Rishikesh and not moving around too much .. it has been an intense last month.

We miss you all